Aida Jones

the artist

Aida Jones is a Maplewood, NJ artist. Jones studied at the Art
Students League in NYC and the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey.
Jones is also an experienced teacher of adult painting and drawing
classes. She worked as Artistic Director for the Monroe Center for the
Arts, in Hoboken, NJ for 8 years. And has acted as curator, board
member, art director and consultant on many arts programs in the state
of NJ. Over the past 15 years, Jones’s work has been on exhibit in a
variety of NY and NJ galleries, art shows and events.

latest series

The abstract works in this series built using acrylic, oil, fiber, plaster and gold leaf are focused on the cycles of decay and renewal – deconstruction and reconstruction.

In these paintings, I intentionally created imperfect forms and textures to capture distressed surfaces. I found inspiration in the outside world; the aching elegance of an abandoned building chipped and rusted, the cracks, crevices and weathered marks that time leaves behind. We are surrounded by artificial ‘perfection’ in the sleek, mass-produced, technology-saturated culture we live in. The rough textures and dark earthy palette of this work creates a path away from the shiny, the flawless, the manufactured to find beauty in the imperfect textures of decay. As Lenard Cohen said – “Forget your perfect offering, there is a crack in everything - that's how the light gets in.”

There is light that gets in and comes through on my canvasses. Shapes may look like windows with light coming from behind or dabs of paint may highlight an area to draw the viewer in. Light reflects across the uneven terrain of smooth and rough surfaces and changes from bright to subtle.

About the process:

I start by establishing the composition through sketching on paper and defining the palette. I apply multiple layers of color and let the paint seep deep into the canvas so it adds an element of perspective and space. I also allow the paint to move to reduce any sense of perfection. Irregular surfaces are developed with mixed media of paint, plaster, fibers, gold leaf and modeling paste. I add depth by layering paper pulp, plaster and paint to build up the canvas with color and texture. Drips of paint and media are used to create movement or rhythm. All the while I’m thinking about my intention and the feeling I want to convey. I am constantly moving the canvas from easel to floor and back again to paint at different angles and allow gravity to move the paint. 


For me, the most satisfying part of abstract art is that we all see the same things differently. The viewer can experience the piece and decide how it makes them feel or what it makes them think about. It gives them the freedom to explore their own imagination and interpretation. My hope is that you enter the painting and go where it wants to take you.